Fighting Words—Customer Service or Cuss-tomer Service

Fighting Words—Customer Service or Cuss-tomer Service

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I expect better customer service than I usually get.

I know I should be used to crappy customer service by now, but I’m not, and every time I experience it I feel a little sorry for the business owner. I’m usually a little miffed with the business owner, too, because they should be training their people better. After what happened to me today at my local pharmacy, I wanted to call my pharmacist and tell him, “Your sales clerk needs to go back to Friendliness School.”

BACKSTORY: I have been trying to get a prescription refilled for about two weeks (I’m fine, by the way). I saw the doctor, the doctor drew labs and said, “We’ll call it in.” No problem. Eventually the medication gets called into the pharmacy and they fill it. Only it’s the wrong amount and the wrong dose. I’ve called back and forth between my doctor’s office and the pharmacy half a dozen times. I have driven by the pharmacy twice and my doctor’s once to get everything straightened out.

So I called today and a different guy at the pharmacy tells me everything is fine and ready. I explain the issues I’ve been having and he says it’s all worked out. So I drive over to the pharmacy again and (surprise, surprise) it’s STILL the wrong amount/dose.

HERE’S THE KICKER: The same lady that keeps screwing it up is back on duty and is arguing with me, almost yelling at me to prove that my doctor’s office is lying and the other guy was lying and I’m wrong and she’s the only one who knows the truth….

I wish I were making this up. I am not.

Here’s what I’m thinking: there’s a CVS Pharmacy a block from here. There’s a Kroger’s pharmacy across the street. I like to shop local when I can, and I like the pharmacist/business owner a lot. On the other hand, at CVS and Kroger’s they probably won’t yell at me to win an argument—an argument I don’t even want to have.

Who knows? Maybe the yelling lady is right and everyone else is crazy. But even if she is right, has she won? Has her employer won?

So here I am, medicineless.

What’s my advice to you, dear business owner? Teach all of your employees and representatives (even if you outsource):

  • Be nice.
  • Don’t argue your position. No one cares if you’re right.
  • All you need to say is something like, “I hear what you’re saying. I’m sorry this is happening. Let’s figure this out together.”

So let’s turn this around. Tell me an example of awesome customer service. Who’s doing things right?

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