Social Media Tools That Are Free, Easy, and Effective

Social Media Tools That Are Free, Easy, and Effective

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If you’re like me, you have a sense that you should be doing something with social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. But if you’re like me, the thought of keeping up with all of this when you have “real work” to do can be overwhelming.

I was doing some research to find out an easier way to manage all of this without spending a ton of time or money, and I came across an article that highlights lots of different tools to make your social media job easier. My favorite tools from that article include:

Buffer: I use it to schedule posts on different social media sites. Rather than having to pop onto Facebook at 8:15 every morning and sporadically throughout the day, I can fill up my buffer with posts I want to share and they are shared on the appropriate social media at regular intervals. Saves a ton of time.

ShareAsImage: I have to admit that I like pictures, and ShareAsImage is about the easiest way to put words and pictures together. When I do that, my posts get more likes and shares. I like ShareAsImage so much, I bought a lifetime subscription. You can start with the free version, though, and see how your audience responds.

Topsy: If you want to see what people are saying when they tweet about a topic, use a hashtag or a term, then Topsy is your best bet. You can enter a term in their search box and instantly see what people are saying. If you are looking for information, perspective or a way to gauge audience sentiment, Topsy will help you understand and engage your audience more effectively.

If you’d like to read the whole article and find out about all the tips, click here.

I’m not convinced (yet) that every business needs a social media presence, or that the benefits of having a social media presence always outweigh the costs. I think it depends on what your prospects, customers and community want. But if you are going to have a social media strategy, you should get to know the tools that make things easier and better.

Do you have any favorite social media tools that aren’t part of this list? Do you pay for any and do you think they’re worth what you pay? Please comment below.

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